7 Tips to Get That Job

Tired of working in the same old job, want a better salary, or trying to find your first job? It’s not easy getting the job you want and the competition is fierce. Here are 6 tips to help you land that position and advance your career.

1. Get your resume in order. Noting, but nothing is more important in finding a job than your resume. It doesn’t matter how well qualified you are, if you don’t get as far as an interview the company is never going to pick you, and the only way to get selected for an interview is through your resume. There may be several hundred applicants for a single job posting, and you need to make sure your resume pops out from the crowd and gets you the nod. Hiring a specialist resume writer to polish up your resume is money well spent if it lands you that well-paying job.

2. Focus on your jobs that match your skill set. You might think that applying for anything will increase your chances of success, but it’s more likely it will just use up time you could be putting to better use by focusing on finding the job that’s right for you. With so many applicants fighting for every job listing it’s unlikely you’ll be called for interview if you don’t match the criteria the company is looking for. Narrow your search, apply for jobs that you have experience in, are qualified for, and match your proven skills and accomplishments. If you’re having to dramatically rewrite your resume for a particular job ad, chances are you’re not suitable for the job, stick to what you’re good at and you’ll increase your odds of success.

3. Take extra courses and get certifications. Actions speak louder than words so don’t just tell a company you can do the job, prove it with a list of qualifications, courses and training certifications. Showing that you not only have hands-on experience at a particular job, but are highly qualified with advanced courses will boost your chances for getting hired. Online courses and online training modules are affordable and can be completed relatively quickly.

4. Temp or freelance in your chosen field. If you’re not getting any success in finding full-time work in your area of expertise, try getting part-time work as a contractor or freelance specialist/consultant. It will add to your resume, enhance your portfolio and might lead to a part-time position becoming a full-time one.