It Pays to Have an IT Job

Having a job in IT has never been more rewarding. From a financial standpoint an IT job is likely to pay more than many jobs in more traditional sectors, and for peace of mind, a job in the IT industry is less likely to be phased out than in some waning industries. In fact IT jobs are on the rise as technology continues to grow and produce new avenues of research, development, production and aftermarket service.

Career guidance specialists recently conducted a study into 200 wide-ranging professions to determine the best (and the worst) jobs in 2013. Unsurprisingly, Software Engineer came in at #3 in the ‘Best’ list, while Computer Systems Analyst also made the top 10. So it’s clear that qualifications in IT are essential if you want to enjoy a lucrative and rewarding career. And if you must know, the worst list included Flight Attendant, Enlisted Military Personnel and Newspaper Reporter, and none of the jobs in the bottom 10 required any IT training or qualifications whatsoever.

The study also showed that the best jobs tended to be less stressful, not physically demanding and posed little or no rick factors. What’s more, many of the best jobs, particularly those requiring IT training and knowledge, are increasing in number as we become increasingly dependent on technology and devices such as smartphones and tablets.

A quick job search online highlights this increase perfectly. Type “IT jobs” into Google and you’ll see headlines such as “More than 50,000 Health IT Jobs Created Since 2009,” “French firm Capgemini creating 500 IT jobs in Highlands,” and “Signs of ‘two-speed’ recovery as IT jobs thrive, says IBEC”. Not exactly the doom and gloom elsewhere in the job market is it?

In addition IT jobs often pay higher than other sectors of the workforce. “Starting Pay For IT Jobs Expected To Jump 5.3 Percent” screams one headline, and “IT Jobs Set To Gain Pay Rises” shouts another. Looks like taking an online IT training course will pay for itself many times over.

When it comes to the battle of the sexes, IT jobs are also leveling the playing field. Dice recently published a report showing that women in IT jobs earn about the same as their male counterparts. And if all that wasn’t enough to make anyone consider a career in IT, the national statistics put IT unemployment rates at around 3.5% which compares very favorably to the national average that currently hovers around 7.5%.

Now could be the time to take that online IT training course and get in on the career path that’s going places.