Building Face Appliqués

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Want to make your own masks for your next masquerade? Do you want the same exotic look that Lady Gaga had during her super bowl show? Have you ever wanted to build masks and create exotic New Orleans inspired appliqués? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should enroll in our “building face appliqués” course today! Our Makeup and Mask Appliqué expert, Kara Winslow, will show you how to design, create and apply lace and crystal masks. This course will go through three different types of appliqués that you can create; feather and rhinestone, crystal, and lace mask.

Kara will first go through how to get started on making the appliqués; what tools to use and what products are needed. You will then be given a step by step guide to making the appliqués. After they are created, a model will be brought in to apply the appliqués which Kara will prep the model’s face and once applied, add makeup to finish the look.

Instructor – Kara Winslow


2 Hours 46 Minutes


15 Course Videos

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