Facebook 101

The manner in which we all communicate has been revolutionized by the Internet with the advent of social networking and social media platforms. Millions of people communicate with each other in today’s environment via text, email, instant messaging, social media, and on social networking  platforms.

Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits, methods of communicating with others, and general purpose. To achieve maximum results online, whether you are networking for personal or professional reasons, it is important to establish Facebook, profiles, as well as learn how to utilize them to gain maximum results overall.

What will you learn:

This course includes one hour of training and contains 18 videos.

In this course students will learn a basic understanding of how to utilize the three most widely used social networking platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Each lesson will provide an overview covering how to open an account, how to maximize your profile, how to build and interact with a network, as well as basic tools/applications designed to enhance your overall experience.

As enhancements are added to each of these social networking platforms each year, it is


1 Hour 16 Minutes


18 Course Videos

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