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Microsoft 70-432: SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance

This course will cover the following topics to prepare students for the Microsoft 70-432: SQL Server 2008 Implementation and Maintenance exam: how to install and configuring SQL Server 2008, maintaining SQL Server instances, managing SQL Server security, maintaining a SQL Server database, performing data management tasks, monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Server, optimizing SQL Server performance, and implementing high availability.

Microsoft certifications are in high demand across small and large Information Technology organizations around the world. Hiring managers prefer candidates who not only have an understanding of the topic(s) and experience, but having the training certification in the subject. As a result, all Microsoft certifications are accepted worldwide and are part of the industry standards.

This Microsoft 70-432 exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks below:

  • Installing and configuring SQL Server 2008 (11%)
  • Maintaining SQL Server instances (9%)
  • Managing SQl Server security (18%)
  • Maintaining a SQL Server database (17%)
  • Performing data management tasks (10%)
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Server (14%)
  • Optimizing SQL Server performance (12%)
  • Implementing high availability (9%)

Candidates should have one to two years of experience using SQL Server 2008 or two to three years of experience using a previous version of SQL Server. Candidates for this exam are IT professionals who work in jobs in which database administration is their main area of responsibility. Or who work in environments in which databases are central to their primary job roles.

These job roles include the following:

  • IT generalists who work in environments in which SQL Server 2008 is part of an overall solution
  • IT professionals who manage systems that run SQL Server 2008
  • Developers who build applications that use SQL Server 2008
  • IT professionals who work with third-party applications that are built on SQL Server 2008

This exam has been retired, but continues to be a valuable resource for learning!

For complete information on this certification course, please visit the Microsoft website for details and exam pricing.

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