The Ultimate Business Communications Bundle

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If you’re an entrepreneur, sales professional, business owner or in virtually any position where you want to be in control of your own income, this training is for you!  Effective communication skills both in person and online are mission critical in today’s day and age.  Steve Hopper, renowned book author and motivational speaker will give you his powerful insights on personality types and effective communication skills for dealing with each personality type.   As a business communication leading trainer, Steve Hooper will guide you step by step on how to network effectively, do public speaking, boost your self-image and increase your worth!  Once you mater these communication skills personally, our management guru, Rick Grahamn provides the next step training for managing different personalities in the workplace.   In addition to learning valuable face to face communication and marketing skills, you will also receive our Digital marketing essentials and FB tips and trips for marketing yourself and your career!  In addition we are adding training that will enable you to maximize your income with e-commerce and FB with compelling video and examples.   This training bundle also includes step by step instructions on how to create, maintain and maximize your potential income by starting your own YouTube channel.


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The $100K Handshake
Social Media & Digital Marketing 101
Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101


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